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Client Testimonials

“Colette was exceptionally helpful with putting into words what I was sensing or feeling, and she helped me define where I was at.  She had really good intuition for the feeling and atmosphere in the room, and when each party needed a pause, or a private check in.  She moved us forward through the mediation process with a logical, efficient approach that didn’t rush us, with really practical steps to help us build a plan for the future, with follow up and tools to work with.”

— Mediation Client

“I felt like Colette could see right through into the deepest part of the situation—she is really intuitive about what is going on.  She helped us see what the other person was trying to say when we couldn’t communicate well with each other, and that helped us understand each other better.  She gently but persistently moved us towards greater self-awareness and self-examination, without triggering defensiveness or defiance.”

— Mediation Client