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Restorative Justice Organizations


For the past several years, Restorative Justice has been growing as a positive and viable alternative to court-based options for addressing crime. As a seasoned Restorative Justice practitioner, Colette Squires has witnessed firsthand the long term benefits of this respectful and empowering approach for individuals, families, and communities.

In addition to Victim-Offender Mediation services, Colette also has extensive experience in managing and developing programs for Restorative Justice organizations.

To help your restorative justice organization grow and thrive, Colette Squires and Associates offer:

  • Victim-Offender Mediation services
  • Victim-Offender Mediation training
  • Program Design and Development
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Program Evaluation
  • Research
  • Proposal and Grant Writing
  • Organizational Development

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Client Testimonials

“Colette is a highly skilled mediator, who has a natural ability to connect with people and guide them through conflict.  She shows her clients compassion, empathy, and understanding.”

— Mediation colleague

“You have insightful wisdom that I have remembered and carried into many situations since then.  Life changing wisdom and spiritual intuition, mixed with so much empathy and compassion—you were safe, you cared, and you were wise. I knew I could trust you.”

— Mediation Client