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faith communIties

The needs of Faith Communities are somewhat unique in that relationships tend to be closer and more caring than in other organizations, but are not “families” in the traditional sense. Disagreements can arise in regard to beliefs as well as individual relationships, and ripple effect of these conflicts can have a significantly negative impact on the entire faith community.

Our Restorative Mediation services are ideally suited to promote reconciliation through clarifying the underlying causes and providing opportunities for meaningful dialogue. This helps to restore relationships, harmony and understanding, and prevent future occurrences.

The development of conflict resolution and peaceable communication programs tailored to the specific needs of a congregation can also help to provide long term solutions.

We also provide leadership and HR coaching for churches, and assist with succession planning.  Assistance with worship design is provided through one of our associates.

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To inquire in confidence about our services for Faith Communities, contact us or please call 604-309-7319.

Client Testimonials

“I felt like Colette could see right through into the deepest part of the situation—she is really intuitive about what is going on.  She helped us see what the other person was trying to say when we couldn’t communicate well with each other, and that helped us understand each other better.  She gently but persistently moved us towards greater self-awareness and self-examination, without triggering defensiveness or defiance.”

— Mediation Client

“I can’t thank you enough for your help with our proposal.  Your professional review and edits have made it exactly what we needed.”

— Director and Leader in not-for-profit organization