Colette Squires and Associates provide a variety of customized training and workshop options for your needs.  

Recent workshops include:

Growing great kids through restorative practices

The practices of restorative justice are transforming not just our legal system but also our schools.  Discover how restorative practices can help you create respectful, safe, caring homes and classrooms in which children are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, have empathy and respect for others, and how to listen and forgive.


Building Strength:  a trauma-informed perspective on bullying and inner resilience

Helping children deal with conflict and bullying is a hot topic in schools today.  This workshop explores how traumatic experiences influence how children experience conflict and bullying, and explores ways parents and teachers can foster resilience, coping skills, and inner strength.  Strategies that foster safe, caring, and respectful school communities create the best antidote to bullying, by increasing protective factors and reducing risks through a trauma-informed and restorative approach. 

Child Today, Leader Tomorrow:  Building moral character and emotional intelligence in our children

At the heart of every good leader is a principled, ethical core, enhanced by emotional intelligence and people skills.  This seminar explores the cognitive development of moral reasoning and principled thinking in children and how to foster emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion and collaboration to help children today become the leaders of tomorrow.   

Communicating through Conflict

Designed to strengthen our interactions with co-workers, the public, and those in our personal lives, this interactive, skill-building workshop covers:

  • why conflict occurs
  • about your own style in conflict, and the styles of others
  • how to listen and communicate effectively when conflicts arise
  • how anger and other strong emotions affect our ability to resolve conflicts
  • to identify triggers, and use self-talk to help you manage yourself in a conflict
  • how to make requests in a positive, assertive way


From Passion to Proof:  the Power of Program Evaluation (7 hours)

Funders, stakeholders, and government need assurance that not-for-profit and charitable programs really deliver.  Join us for an interactive workshop that will help you design your programs to be evidence-based, with built-in tools for ongoing program evaluation.  Discover how you can translate your values and passion into measurable results! (includes training manual/workbook)

Has also included:

“Program Proposals:  What Government is Looking For”
from Special Guest:  MLA Dr. Darryl Plecas for Abbotsford South, Former RCMP Research Chair and Director of the UFV Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research.



Most often, organizations seek help in the following areas:


  • Building your communication toolbox
  • Principles of healthy conflict resolution
  • Conflict coaching
  • Creating healthy, respectful workplaces
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Interest-based mediation and negotiation

Organizational Development

  • Designing evidence-based programs and program evaluation
  • Appreciative inquiry and strategic planning
  • Creating or revising your Mission, Vision, and Value statements
  • Developing or revising your Constitution and Bylaws
  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Effective Leadership

Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices

  • Restorative Justice for schools and community
  • Restorative Practices in the workplace
  • Restorative Justice, forgiveness, and principles of reconciliation
  • Restorative Practices for conflict resolution:  circles and mediated conversations
  • Aboriginal circle practices
  • Reconciliation and peace-making for faith communities

Education and Child wellbeing

  • Trauma informed practice
  • Leadership and moral development
  • Addressing bullying, fostering resilience

Have something else in mind?  We are happy to create a new training experience for you and your organization!  Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. 

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