A Great Learning Experience
“Very informative, a great learning experience.”
“It was a comfortable and safe learning environment”
"I liked the hands-on, interactive approach."

Training participants, “From Passion to Proof: the Power of Program Evaluation” workshop.

Dynamic, refreshing and inspiring
“You communicate very effectively. I found what you had to say extremely eye-opening and helpful.”
“Colette is very knowledgeable, a good presenter.”
“It was enlightening and inspiring. You’re a very talented public speaker!”
“Thank you for opening the door to the landscape of Restorative Justice. Your enthusiasm and energy portrays the positive impact this has in people’s lives.”
“What a powerfully refreshing presentation! Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us re: restorative justice. It’s fascinating and hopeful. You’re a dynamo!”

Participants, “Restorative Justice and Forgiveness” for M.A. students in Counselling, TWU

Effective trainer
“Every aspect of her training sessions, such as interactions with fellow trainers or students, serves to bring alive the principles of restorative justice.”

B.D., community volunteer and RJ mediator


Coaching and Mediation

Encouraged and challenged to grow
“Colette was very encouraging and challenged me, too.”
“Colette Squires was excellent!  I really enjoyed working with Colette - she was knowledgeable, funny, attentive, interesting and very helpful.”

Coaching clients

Professional and Positive
“Excellent professional appearance and attitude. I really enjoyed the overall experience. I liked the way Colette modified the way each coaching session went, depending on the content. I also liked the positive energy.”

Coaching client

Motivational Coach
“Colette Squires was an excellent coach. She provided excellent feedback and gave examples to illustrate other approaches.  She motivated me to learn; she provided constructive feedback and offered encouragement”
“Colette was very insightful, provided very helpful feedback, and she considered other approaches.”

Coaching clients

Skilled Mediator
“It was an honour to work with Colette in Restorative Justice. Her skills as a mediator are astounding. She has been both a mentor and a teacher to me and I am grateful for our time together.”

Linda Noble, ACS Youth Resource Centre, and RJ volunteer mediator

Compassion and Empathy
"Colette is a highly skilled mediator, who has a natural ability to connect with people and guide them through conflict. She shows her clients compassion, empathy, and understanding."

Derek R., Restorative Justice Mediator

Let’s just unpack this a bit
“Colette’s motto seems to be, “Let’s just unpack this a bit”, whether inviting a client to share what is crucial, looking at the learning of a completed mediation, or finding an ethical solution in a charged circumstance. Colette combines vision with limitless energy, yet is always perceptive to the individual’s concerns and progress. Families, youth or business people find empathy and even-handedness within her focussed approach.”

B.D., community volunteer and RJ mediator

Positive connections and building understanding
"I’ve been privileged to work with Colette for over 3 years, observing first-hand the positive connection she creates with all parties involved in disharmony. Her communication skills help clarify the problems, assisting participants in moving forward towards a better understanding of each other. Her expertise in supporting parties in conflict to work towards a sensible solution demonstrates her understanding of the nature and needs of conflict resolution. Her background in grief counseling makes her particularly adept in working with hurting people."

Lesley Harder, Restorative Justice practitioner and mediator


Support to Organizations

Commitment to Excellence
“Colette Squires was contracted in April 2010 by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General to complete the evaluation for the 2010 conference: “Building Restorative Justice in BC: A Working Conference for Practitioners and Advocates.” Colette consistently shows a commitment to excellence in her work and maintains an open and responsive approach to feedback and emerging challenges. The final product is thorough and organized and will be of great benefit to the target audiences of community and government.”

Catherine Bargen, Restorative Justice Coordinator, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division

Encouraging Mentor
“She was an encouraging person to work with as she provided useful constructive feedback to help me see things from a different angle, was open to others’ opinions, and was sure to let people know when they have done a good job on a case or project.”
S. B.


Strategic Support
“I now feel better equipped to identify gaps in our system and take proper action to address the gaps.”

Leader in not-for-profit organization, “From Passion to Proof: the Power of Program Evaluation” workshop.


Restorative Justice

Continuous growth with excellence
“Watching her build the Restorative Justice Practice in Abbotsford from the ground up was inspiring. She designed programs, wrote grants for funding, trained mediators and mentors, evaluated each program so that it could be measured and improved upon, and built lasting relationships with community partners and colleagues.”

Linda Noble, ACS Youth Resource Centre, and RJ volunteer mediator

Inspired Leadership
“The significant success of Abbotsford Restorative Justice, positively impacting the lives of many young offenders and their victims, is a testimony to your hard work and inspired leadership.
You have been instrumental in educating me on the benefits of restorative justice and for that, I thank you. I am totally sold on the concept of early, effective intervention in the lives of misguided youth - it saves society a fortune in the long run and more importantly, saves lives as well. Colette, thank you for all you have achieved in our community.”

John Smith, Abbotsford City Councillor, 2010

Benefit to community
“Colette was the Executive Director when I joined the ARJAA team as a volunteer mediator.  Colette's passion for the program, youth, and families involved, internal and external partners, and volunteers was very apparent and contributed to the development and growth of the program in a short amount of time. The program was never at status quo; instead, there were constantly new goals being created and achieved to benefit the program and community.”

Sherry B., Border Services Officer, ARJAA volunteer mediator

Reconciliation in the midst of brokenness
“I really learned a lot from you in regards to restoration and justice. What a fantastic, tangible way of mediating reconciliation in the midst of brokenness. It’s evident that your passion for restorative justice serves the world in huge ways, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have learned from you!” 
“Wow! What you shared today blew my mind! I have never personally experienced what Restorative Justice does in reality but I became so encouraged, filled with passion and hope. I wish I could see more of such a “down to earth” approach to conflicts in a church setting, within family situations, and within my own life.”
“Seeing your passion for this process makes me excited for the possibilities of healing for people in conflict. I think work in this regard will be so helpful for churches”

Participants, Restorative Justice presentation at the Trinity Western University Seminary

“It is eye-opening for me to see how restoration can be made between offenders and victims. It expands my understanding of what true justice is.”
“This one hour lecture really helped me to have a clear understanding of Restorative Justice and how it helps both victims and offenders in their process of reconciliation.”

Participants, Restorative Justice presentation at the Trinity Western University Seminary 

Valuable learning for Christian communities
“I am fascinated by the process of Restorative Justice and the possibilities for interpersonal healing it presents. I am so glad that you making this service available to churches. This is the message and witness that Christians need to be living and spreading. Thank you! A great, engaging presentation! Valuable learning!”

Participant, Restorative Justice presentation at the Trinity Western University Seminary


Vision and Limitless Energy
"Colette combines vision with limitless energy, yet is always perceptive to the individual’s concerns and progress. Young offenders are welcomed into an environment of respect, confidentiality and the challenge to be accountable for the impact of their actions."

B.D., community volunteer and RJ mediator

Skilled mediator
“I firsthand witnessed Colette’s wide range of mediation and communication skills as I co-mediated several youth RJ cases with her. She has a gift at bringing out the true issues in a case and helping the youth and families deal with the root causes of the criminal behaviour which caused the harm. Colette’s passion, professionalism and grounded personality are a great combination for this area of work.”

S. B., ARJAA volunteer mediator